Tim Hutton

Tim Hutton


Tim studied Statistics, Comparative Pathology and Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University followed by a MSc in Aquaculture Pathobiology at Stirling University. A member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, he worked as a vet in private practice before spending three years as a regular officer in the RAVC undertaking research for the MOD.

Principal Areas of Practice and Experience:
Tim joined H+REI in 1987 and since then has built it into the premier specialist surveying company in the UK.

Tim founded the study of ‘Building Pathology’, the diagnostic study of building failures to allow proper risk management and remedial specification. Following his work with army sniffer dogs, Tim pioneered the training of dry rot search dogs in the UK (‘Rothounds’). For several years, he organised the annual international conference, Building Pathology.

Tim specialises in the investigation and monitoring of buildings in the built environment, especially after fire and flood, and those involving damp problems, bio-deterioration or health problems.

His particular interest and experience is in the investigation of the failure of historic buildings’ structures and environments, particularly cases involving organic materials, biological, health and environmentally related issues.