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July 2015

Mid-summer has brought top-end temperatures to many of H+R’s south-east and London projects and tans have been nurtured on roofscapes and on cherrypickers on various projects ranging from a row of buildings in Great Portland Street to Bassetts House, a masterpiece of 1900s style by Sir Aston Webb

H+R’s programme has had a Scottish emphasis with work undertaken at Balnagown Castle and confirmation of appointment at Monzie Castle and the David Livingstone Museum. In addition, some of H+R’s building monitoring systems have had their annual service including York Crown Court and Buckingham Gate

H+R have started work on the very large re-development of Colchester Garrison where the standard mantra of ‘lowering external ground levels’ has had to be tempered by the fact that the garrison buildings just cover the original Roman Hippodrome! H+R have also started on one of the most dry rot infected structures we have ever encountered at Hanworth Park in Middlesex. This fine 1800s mansion has no known Architect and we will send a bottle of champagne to anyone who can provide a proven attribution

After 18 months investigative and monitoring works, H+R have now ‘signed-off’ the Steiner Academy development in Exeter. The fine 17th Century mansion originally known as Great Duryard has been given a new lease of life by this worthy organisation